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# Common Name Scientific Name Type Blooms Environ Comments My Best Varieties
1 Tea Olive or Sweet Olive Osmanthus fragrans Evergreen Shrub to 10’+ Spring & Fall Fabulous Sun to Part Shade Bloomed Fall through to Spring 01/02; bloomed this winter until it went to 9 deg F. No maintenance. Moderate Water Species
2 Winter Daphne Daphne odora Evergreen Shrub to 4’+ Winter Wonderful High shade Requires perfect drainage & dry conditions. No maintenance. ‘Alba’, ‘Marginata’
3 Bourbon Rose Hybrid of R. chinensis and autumn damask Stems to 20′, must tie. Spring Spectacular Sun Plant is solid pink in spring; scattered blooms all summer. No thorns. Drawbacks: Mildew. & long canes ‘Zepherin Droughin’
4 Cheddar Pink Dianthus gratianopolitanus Evergreen Groundcover to 4″ Spring Spicy Sun My neighbors covet this one. Well behaved. Powerful fragrance. ‘Bath’s Pink’, just added some ‘Fire Witch’
5 Viburnum V. burkwoodii & V. hybrid Semi-evergreen Shrub Spring Light Pink Sun to Part Shade The buds are a bright, pretty pink. No maintenance. ‘Mohawk’ to 7′, ‘Eskimo’ to 5′
6 Carolina Jessamine Gelsemium sempervirens Evergreen Vine to 20′ Spring Yellow Sun By my porch swing. A little messy with so many blooms, but worth it. All parts are poisonous. Species
7 Fragrant Hosta or Plaintain Lily Hosta plantaginea hybrid Perennial to 3′ Late Summer White or Pale Pink/Purple Shade to part sun Moving to patio this winter, replacing my old 4′ Diameter “traditional” hostas. Beautiful leaves AND fragrance. ‘Guacamole’ Now trying ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, ‘Iron Gate Delight’ and many others…
8 Dwarf Gardenia Gardenia jasminoides Evergreen Shrub to 2′ Summer Sun to Part Shade Bloomed all summer 02. Occasional trimming. No maintenance ‘Radicans’ (protect from cold)
9 Heirloom Daffodil Narcissus odurus Perennial to 12″ Spring Sun to Part Shade A “rescue’ from an old home site. Hardy and prolific. A “double”, yellow-green, opens poorly, either ”Campernelle’ or maybe N. jonquilla ‘Queen Anne’
10 Asiatic Lily Don’t know – a hybrid Perennial to 4′ Spring Part sun Most powerful fragrance of all. But, don’t put your nose in it! ‘Muscadet’
11 Southernwood, Old Man Artemisia abrotanum Perennial to 5′ Scented Leaves Sun to Part Shade Reseeds; but easy to control. Many uses through the centuries. Species
12 Thyme Thymus vulgarus Evergreen Groundcover to 4″ Scented Leaves Sun to Part Shade Really tough. Occasional trimming.
13 Autumn Sage Salvia greggii Perennial to 3′ Scented Leaves Sun Bright red flowers all summer. Thrives on neglect; needs a dry spot. I trim the dead out once a year. Species
14 Dwarf Wax Myrtle Myrica cerifera Evergreen Shrub to 7′ Scented Leaves Sun to Part Shade Planted by my hammock. Mine is in full shade, needs more sun. ‘Fairfax’
15 Himalayan Sweet Box Sarcococca hookerana humilis Evergreen Shrub to 1.5′ (mine are 3–4′) Late Winter Part to Full Shade Usually blooms at the same time as a nearby daphne, losing out with a lighter scent. Earlier this year. Species
16 Native Azalea or native honeysuckle Rhododendren austrinum, canescens, flammeum, etc Deciduous Shrub to 10′ Early spring High shade to part sun “Store bought” or “Native Rescue”, these are delightful and tough plants. Wonderful fragrance Florida’, native hybrids

These plants all thrive at my home in West Marietta. Terry Barton. 2002 Master Gardener
(770) 424-1548

There are many, many other wonderful, fragrant plants. Try them all! [email protected]

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