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Master Gardeners at Wright Center were first introduced to the Boy Scout Eagle program in late 2017, and boy, were we glad!  A Master Gardener colleague connected us with a particular troop and encouraged us to create a “wish list” notebook of potential Scout projects with pictures from magazines and websites. When the Scouts began to visit and see what our needs were, we were prepared!  Gradually, all ideas in our notebook were adopted for the benefit of our Center and community.

Boy Scouts have been adding value to the Wright Environmental Education Center since 2018. The Eagle Scouts have completed eleven (11) projects to date. The list is notable. They built and installed two outdoor classrooms, which feature benches for adults and children. This allows guests to experience nature away from the hustle and bustle of nearby roads and properties.

Other Scout projects included:

  • expanding and renovating our “frog pond,”
  • constructing steps that connect different “gardens” within the forest,
  • building a free-standing swing that marks the beginning of one of the three nature trails,
  • adding a lovely arbor at the head of the trail that guides guests toward the largest classroom,
  • building and placing bird, bat and owl houses/boxes throughout the forest,
  • creating a “Plant Jail” – an exhibit used to teach others about the plants that are invasive in our area,
  • building benches and a swing on the front porch of the house to provide convenient seating,
  • building a display kiosk where we post photos and information.

One of the wonderful blessings of this experience with our Scouts is that we began to see the same young men on a regular basis. We made both lasting friendships with them and their families and built a strong bond with the Scouting community. The relationship between our volunteers and Boy Scouts has been rewarding for both groups. All who come to Wright Center to hike and to learn will benefit from the Scouts’ diligent efforts.  Our “wish list” at Wright has been fulfilled, and we are grateful.

IMG 2091

The original Frog Pond was about half the size and depth of this one.  The new pond is surrounded by large rocks as a safety feature and surrounded by native plants.

Wright Center is a 19 – acre urban forest in Cobb County.

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