School Gardens Planting

The Cobb County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers (MGEV) are involved with public and private schools in a wide variety of ways including training, consultations and in some cases, organizing and implementing ASP gardening.

School gardens come in all shapes and sizes.  The gardeners grow food and herbs in pots, plots, raised beds, green houses and aeroponic towers. The gardens are a place for students to catch their breath, get off their devices and explore. Educators can use the garden to teach math, literacy and social skills. Students, teachers, school staff, parents and volunteers can participate for a healthier environment, something tasty to eat, or for a place to stop and smell the roses!

Research shows that school gardens foster academic achievement and improve attitudes toward school and learning.  The garden is the “lab” for teaching many subjects including nutrition, math and science. It is also a good place to learn responsibility and the value of hard work.  For these reasons and more, schools are embracing gardens as an educational activity for children during or after school.  Cobb County MGEVs, through our Education Committee and School Garden Group are working together to bring the benefits of gardening to our schools and community.

A few topics that we focus on in the school gardens are:

  • Composting
  • Tying the outdoor classroom garden to the school curriculum
  • Nutrition education
  • Gardening for pollinators
  • Gardening for wildlife

For more information on school gardening in Cobb County or for a school garden consultation, please email us at [email protected].