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Hyde Farm Park is a 42-acre green space tucked away between residential East Cobb and the Chattahoochee river. This historic property is the last remaining part of a large farm that was established in the 1830’s. Today, Hyde Farm provides a peaceful respite for Cobb residents, with hiking trails, a fishing pond and historic farm buildings.

Hyde Farm Community Garden (HFCG) was developed as a joint project of the Cobb County Parks Department and the Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County. Construction of the garden was completed in the fall of 2017. Fifty raised beds are available for annual rental. The garden is enclosed within a tall deer fence and includes a storage shed as well as conveniently located water hydrants and hoses. Our Master Gardener team and community gardeners work together to maintain a lush perimeter of plants selected for their beauty and their attractiveness to pollinators for our growing crops. Monthly community workdays help gardeners keep the property weeded, mulched and tidy. Our gardeners represent a diverse range of people, including retirees, working people from a variety of occupations, and families of all ages.

HFCG offers Cobb residents a chance to learn how to grow herbs and vegetables in a sustainable way, based on the principles of organic gardening and integrated pest management. Educational opportunities are periodically offered for gardeners, schools, youth groups, and the general public. The garden is included in monthly farm tours conducted by the Cobb County Parks Department.

Hyde Farm Community Garden is proud to be part of the growing community gardening movement. At HFCG Cobb families enjoy a gardening experience in harmony with the preservation of a rare, historic Cobb County farm property.