North Marietta Neighborhood Community Garden Kids

NMNCG is located in a culturally diverse neighborhood near the Marietta Square. Its mission is to bring the community together through the common bond of gardening. In 2011 Cobb Head Start and Marietta City Schools approved the garden to be located in an unused portion of the Allgood School playground that was a tangle of brush, weeds, poison ivy and diseased trees. Neighbors and Master Gardeners cleared part of the site and installed flowerbeds to attract pollinators and create curb appeal.

In 2012 MGVOCC approved the garden as a demonstration project for gardening education to the public and the school. There are twenty-four 4 X 8 raised beds including 2 enabling beds for disabled gardeners. Families from all parts of the neighborhood lease garden space. In 2014 the garden was expanded. Four families leased “mini-farm” space and groups of neighbors farmed a corn patch, herb garden, blueberries, cut flower garden, pea patch and sweet potato patch. Garden members maintain the garden.  Master Gardeners help garden members learn about how to plant, manage, and harvest their crops.

The children’s garden is an outdoor classroom where approximately 200 Head Start preschoolers and their teachers participate. There are 11 raised beds for students to grow vegetables, herbs and berries. Master Gardeners help the students plant and, together with the teachers, plan lessons to reinforce educational objectives for natural science and healthy eating. Children have opportunities to taste the food they grow.  Keep Marietta Beautiful provides support to make the garden an inviting place for community interaction and outdoor learning.