Reconnecting Our Roots

Reconnecting Our Roots Community Garden (RORCG) in downtown Marietta on Lemon Street is a thriving 53 raised bed community of avid gardeners.

Supported by Zion Baptist Church who owns the property, and directed and educated by Cobb County Master Gardeners, this open gate garden concept seeks to reach not only a community of renters but also those outside our gates. We encourage the community to come inside and enjoy the grounds, the picnic tables, the gazebo, and the Little Free Library.  We have raised beds that reach out to our handicapped friends, as well as three beds whose bountiful produce is donated to those in need.  Children are a regular sight at RORCG.  We have a monthly date with the fourth and fifth graders from Casa School, who come into the garden to play in the dirt and learn the importance of growing their own food for good nutrition and health.  RORCG has a three bed children’s garden where we can do hands on demonstrations on how, what and when to plant.  Spring is a special time in our garden when the perennial flowers along the fence line begin pop up through the soil, the daffodils bloom and the local children come for an Easter egg hunt.  As the summer months approach, our raised beds flourish with deep green lettuces, vibrant red, orange and yellow tomatoes and vines of cucumbers and squash.  Our banks deliver juicy watermelons and cantaloupe that we all enjoy later in the season.

In addition, RORCG is honored to receive the support of our city officials and Rotary Club.  Judge Reuben Green, City Councilman Johnny Walker, as well as our local veterans, all play a part in making our city garden a huge success.