The Wellness Garden at Cobb County Farm Bureau (Wellness Garden) is a joint initiative among the Cobb County Farm Bureau, Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County, Inc. (MGVOCC), Cobb Water and Soil Conservation District and WellStar Health Systems to grow produce for those in need in the South Cobb area. It is located at the Cobb County Farm Bureau on Powder Springs Road in Marietta. Construction began in early 2023 and as of October 2023, has harvested and donated about 900 pounds of produce to nearby food banks.

Its mission is to both grow fresh produce and teach recipients delicious ways of incorporating this produce into their diets to improve their health.  A team of community and Master Gardener volunteers, plant, maintain, harvest and distribute fruits, vegetables and herbs.  A steering committee manages the garden, educational activities and programs and fundraising efforts.  It is hoped that The Wellness Garden will serve as a model for similar gardens in the area.

The design, construction, planting plans and maintenance of the garden is supervised by the Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County in conjunction with the Farm Bureau’s Board, volunteers and staff. Regular and special workdays are scheduled as needed.  

Funding for the construction and maintenance of the garden is provided by generous gifts and grants to The Wellness Garden.  MGVOCC is responsible for administering any funds received.

Community volunteers are welcomed at the garden.  To volunteer, get more information or subscribe to their e newsletter, The Daily Harvest, please contact:

[email protected]  

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