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Last Thursday, during a very chilly 36 degree morning, the dedicated Green Meadows Master Gardeners decorated for the holidays. It has become a yearly tradition and is enjoyed by all! Everyone came prepared with snipped pieces of greenery from their homes or gathered some extras from Pikes and started to work. Carra always brings the necessary items such as the hand-made dried wisteria wreath outlines, wire for fastening greenery, and ribbons to finish up. Gloved and bundled up everyone creatively designed fence post swatches, garland for the old homestead railings, and wreaths of all shape and sizes. No dwelling was left untouched. The Cherokee garden had a festive wreath. The barn had a grand wreath that can easily be seen by people driving by. The newly built fence surrounding the front of the property had swatches and an accent wreath to complement the exterior. The ole homestead had many swags, wreaths, and festive bows adorning the outside as well. It is a work of love and caring that goes on during those few brief hours. It is a treasured time of sharing and giving back! Even though 2020 has been a most unusual and stressful year, it is truly a blessing to have many kindred spirits working for a common cause!

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Volunteers present were as follows: Jack Driskell, Bob Snider, Jane Law, Tony and Carra Harris, Shelia Sprague, Mary Ann McNutt, Sharon Wagner, Fran Sommerville, Becky Hogseed, Katherine Arnold, Kathy McLean, and John and Patsy Bassett. Pictures below show the fruit of everyone’s efforts! Happy Holidays and please come visit the Cherokee garden and Cherokee Period garden at Green Meadows!